Hello! My name is Janet (or Jakyung), and I'm a culinary chef trained in New York City. I returned to Seoul in 2011 to open my first cooking studio and recently started giving guided food tours in addition to the healthy food I distribute throughout Seoul.

Seoul Food Tours

Enjoy an authentic Korean food tasting of some of my favorite local spots. I will personally guide you around the neighborhood and alway promise a small group size on every tour.

Cooking lessons from a chef 

We believe it's important to bring back the connection between what we eat and how we feel. We'll start at the local market to pick up ingredients then join me in my cooking studio to prepare (and eat!) many popular dishes together. *We offer gluten-free, vegetarian and food allergy sensitive menu choices for those with special diets. 

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food. However, sometimes navigating that food scene can be intimidating. I was thrilled to meet Janet Harn, who showed me the basics of Korean market shopping and cooking... Together, we made staples like kimchi, bulgogi, and tofu salad. I love knowing that one thing I’m bringing back from Seoul are the skills to recreate its flavors at home.
— Samantha Brown, Season 2 of Places to Love: Seoul, South Korea

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